Keeping Taxes Low

Elected officials serve the citizens, and we should always remember that the dollars we oversee are hard-earned by the taxpayers. It is our responsibility as elected officials to ensure that public dollars are spent wisely, to do the best work possible for our citizens.

When families’ budgets were hit hard by the recession, I supported NO tax increases. In Washougal,  we did what our constituents had to do:  tightened our belt, cut expenses, and balanced the budget, year after year. I have experience making the hard choices, when necessary.

Regional Transportation

We must continue the discussions about transportation solutions for the I-5 corridor. I support recent bi-partisan, bi-state efforts to get these discussions started again, because the problem of congestion isn’t going away.  It will actually get worse as Clark County grows.

  • It must be affordable
  • It must be practical (accommodating ALL freight traffic)
  • It must include high-occupancy lanes for public bus transportation & carpooling.

Infrastructure Projects

I am a strong advocate for local projects! Building and sustaining a strong infrastructure is one of government’s key roles. Maintaining roads, improving water/wastewater treatment services, and building parks and open spaces have been some of my top priorities as a councilmember.

These projects can be very expensive, especially for a small city. I’ve worked hard to build positive working relationships with other local and state officials, and we have collaborated to secure grants and other funding assistance to complete many local projects. We should not just be sending our local taxes to fund other projects across the state, but bringing some of those funds back into our communities.

Open, Transparent Government

Communication with citizens and making sure everyone has access to ALL areas of government, particularly the budget, is essential to openness and transparency. As a city councilmember, I supported upgrades to our audio/video systems, as well as getting city council meetings published on YouTube so that meetings are more accessible.

In addition, we implemented a Financial Transparency Portal through, so citizens can view city finances in an easy to read format.  You can even drill down into the finite details of each department! Citizens can and should be able to watch and follow their elected officials through each step in the decision-making process